WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate – Compatibility

Last modified: April 22, 2013

For developing purposes I am using now the newest WordPress release – aka nightly builds. I installed therefor the plugin WordPress Beta Tester. (Wow, linking is updated in WordPress editor – you can now make internal links easy by searching for terms or choosing articles directly – nice).

I tested Accessible 1.0 – the WordPress child theme – and MCE Accessible Language Change – both are working with the current developer release 3.1.

One thought on “WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate – Compatibility

  1. Hi Sprungmarker,

    I am very glad I discovered your blog (from Accessify Forum) and your attention to Web Accessibility focused on WordPress.

    I have developed an accessible theme which seemss to work according to Wcag 2.0 and Italian law 4/2004.
    In particular, criterion 3.3.6 about cognitive disabilities is matched.

    Please see it at work at or download it at
    (English version).

    The Css makes the widgets valid according to W3c validators, Fae, Total Validator, Cynthya and … my experience.

    Please, let me know