Recap of Mobilism 2013

Last month I attended Mobilism 2013 in Amsterdam – a really awesome conference about mobile web design. My first Mobilism in 2011 was a real starting point for Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Mobile First to me and I was excited which topics will win this year. There is full coverage at mobilsm website, video recordings will follow soon.

The most important topics and starting points for me this year are:

  • RWD workflow between design and development
  • Performance optimization and checking browser repaints
  • Working with and for console browsers

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Accessible child themes: Updates

I got somehow more professionalized in developing themes. There is now a development host running for my accessible child themes. WordPress provides a database for theme developers. So a developer can check a theme with standardized data to get all aspects of a WordPress theme running.

That’s why I now can offer a more solid update of Accessible TwentyTen – an accessible child theme for Twenty Ten. Continue reading “Accessible child themes: Updates” »

WordPress Child Theme for TwentyTenFive: Accessible Five

Screenshot Accessible Five child theme for TwentyTenFive

Screenshot Accessible Five child theme for TwentyTenFive

WordPress 3.0 got a new default theme: Twenty Ten. It’s doctype is yet HTML5, but the rest is still old XHTML. This is where TwentyTenFive get’s into. It’s mission is to get Twenty Ten upgraded to HTML5.

This is indeed a real improvement, but still has the same accessibility issues as Twenty Ten, e.g. not enough contrast in colors, few improvements for keyboard users and you get no real information about user’s location within a web page.

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WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate – Compatibility

For developing purposes I am using now the newest WordPress release – aka nightly builds. I installed therefor the plugin WordPress Beta Tester. (Wow, linking is updated in WordPress editor – you can now make internal links easy by searching for terms or choosing articles directly – nice).

I tested Accessible 1.0 – the WordPress child theme – and MCE Accessible Language Change – both are working with the current developer release 3.1.

WordPress: Accessibility as a patch is not a good strategy

SteveAlee made an request in WordPress forum to merge the accessibility improvements of Accessible 1.0 into the WordPress default theme Twenty Ten. Of course this would be my favorite goal to get Twenty Ten fully accessible and not to make a child theme for that purpose.

But I followed the development of Twenty Ten in WordPress Core a lot and got the impression that it is not so easy to get Twenty Ten more and more accessible. There is a kind of effort there to get accessibility forward but it takes a lot of time. Even small improvements as the skip link which is not reachable for keyboard users is somewhere in the developing pipeline – in a future release. Continue reading “WordPress: Accessibility as a patch is not a good strategy” »