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Accessible child themes: Updates

I got somehow more professionalized in developing themes. There is now a development host running for my accessible child themes. WordPress provides a database for theme developers. So a developer can check a theme with standardized data to get all aspects of a WordPress theme running.

That’s why I now can offer a more solid update of Accessible TwentyTen – an accessible child theme for Twenty Ten. There is not much really new, but I refurbished some aspects as author info and some content parts. Also functions.php is renewed to get it better prepared for child theme developers who want to work with my child theme.

Richard Shepherd gets Twenty Ten running with real HTML5 semantics. His project TwentyTen Five is a work in progress, you can find it on github. This is a really good effort and I appreciate this project. But as Twenty Ten it has the same accessibility issues. So I updated my accessible child theme for Twenty Ten Five: Accessible Five.

I notified Richard Shepherd about some accessibility issues which should be solved in the main theme TwentyTen Five and hope he will solve them in a future release.

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