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Accessible 1.0 in the wild …

Accessible 1.0 – an accessible child theme for WordPress Twenty Ten theme – is now around for a while and get some attention and review:

  • Accessible 1.0 was accepted for WordPress Honors 2010 in the category themes. I think you can still vote for it, but I fear as it is a child theme it will be hard to compete against real WordPress themes.
  • The child theme was included in the free WordPress theme directory. This is nice, because there is no possibility to get a child theme in the official WordPress theme directory. The reason: The do not include child theme. It’s quite understandable, most of the child themes do only some layout changes. But the child theme concept can realize much more and get’s really involved in theming. So there should be a small place to put this more advanced child themes into …
  • Dennis E. Lembrée tested the child theme for a while and was satisfied with its accessibility improvements so far. He made some tweaks, it would be interesting to hear about them.
  • Martin Ladstätter – an austrian accessibility expert – installed the theme and was somehow astonished about the easiness and promptness of the installation. This is indeed the most important point for me to develop such a child theme – to have a lightweight and easy to use child theme which improves accessibility.
  • Jens Grochtdreis – a german webstandards expert – made a small review of the child theme.
  • In the podcast macpcnux the child theme was recommended.

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